Welcome to my blog The Starving Stunner

I am a writer and a natural dreamer, who is always hungry for more; and as it is said –

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but to say what we are unable to say.

So, here I am, to break all the stereotypes and say all of my thoughts out loud.

Having a degree in Computer Science and working for the IT industry, I’ve got several chances to share my opinions on the tech world – covering everything from the Silicon Valley giants to the most recent tech fad of the industry.

But, this blog is where I’ll be penning down my views on all the non-techie stuff that I would like to explore with you guys. I hope my blog gives you a jolt of motivation, inspiration, ideas, and tips that you need to achieve life goals – may it be about getting that radiant skin, having a healthy body, or being a girlboss.

More power to you!



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