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This summer, let the sun shine bright while you shine brighter

This summer, let the sun shine bright while you shine brighter Posted on April 15, 2018Leave a comment

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The summer is here, and the heat wave has already hit me hard. I’m sure all of you feel me. Summers are exhausting, and if you are anything like me, you have already started planning a vacay or have at least started shopping for spring and summer outfits. In this blog, I’ll be sharing an outfit idea, where I’m wearing a bright shirt dress for summer.

You are familiar with the iconic shirt dress, aren’t you? If not, here’s what a shirt dress is: A longer and dressier version of a typical shirt. You can also call it a boyfriend shirt, which is more customized to accentuate your body.

Beat the heat with shirt dresses

Shirt dress for summer

Shirt dresses come in a variety of styles and can be worn for a range of occasions. Neither are they labeled as “casual wear”, nor are they restricted to “date nights”, you can take this piece of garment and dress it up according to your mood and the occasion.

Shirt dresses are easy-breezy, making them a perfect choice for summer outfits.

For this look, I have picked a shirt dress in a bold blue color, a color that you might have seen in Roksanda Ilincic’s summer range. I’m carrying a sling bag that matches my sandals, adding an aesthetic element to the overall outfit. The dress is flowy, with a tie-waist, and its bright color gives me all the summer vibes.

Styling a shirt dress

I have unbuttoned the upper buttons and have worn the dress as an off-shoulder, to give a more feminine and graceful look. Also, I’ve paired the dress with a vintage tinted aviators that has a yellow hue, so summery, isn’t it?

You can wear your shirt dress like I did or you can keep it buttoned to keep it casual. For a tomboyish look, pair it with white sneakers or mules, and maybe roll the sleeves; and you are ready to slay.

Do you think shirt dress trend can be your thing? If not, what is your go-to style for summer? Comment your answers or DM me on Instagram (@thestarvingstunner), I’d love to see your version of summer fashion.

Until next time, stay hungry, and stay super gorgeous!

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