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Brunch and Board Games at Unlocked Café and Escape Room

Brunch and Board Games at Unlocked Café and Escape Room Posted on August 14, 2017Leave a comment

Unlocked cafe and escape bar

This long weekend – after I spent two entire days on my bed, trying to avoid any human contact – cancelling brunch plan with my best friend was kinda inevitable.

Now was the time to make the toughest decision:

Friend: Where do we go?

Me: IDK, some place nice!

Friend: What you wanna eat?

Me: Something yummy and cheesy and spicy and some dessert! 😛

Friend: Okay, let’s go to XYZ place

Me: No, I went there last week

Friend: Then, ABC place?

Me: No, some other fancy place!

Friend: Okay, you tell me, where do you want to go?

Me: Oh, I don’t know. Why would you put that kind of pressure on me? 🙁

Friend: *facepalm*




After a series of Zomato links shared, we finally decided to visit Unlocked Café.

Unlocked cafe

Unlocked Café is situated off C.G. Road, at a vivacious location. The place remains open from 11 AM to 11 PM and serves Mexican, European, Italian, and Continental dishes along with some amazing drinks and desserts. The main attraction of the café is their wide range of board games that they put forward along with the Vintage-themed Escape room.


Unlocked’s menu contains dishes around the world, but there’s a twist – all the names on their menu are inspired by board games. (Of course they are!)

It was my first visit to this place, so we decided to try out their specials instead of sticking to the classics. We ordered CAJUN SPICED COTTAGE CHEESE PICATTA, SPICY CORN & CHEESE FRITTERS, KIT KAT SHAKE, and BANANA CABANA.

CAJUN SPICED COTTAGE CHEESE PICATTA was my least favorite out of the lot. The presentation was really good, (maybe marinated) cottage cheese was laid on the bed of bell peppers, carrots, green beans, and zucchini, garnished with some parsley. Cottage cheese is one healthy thing that I genuinely like, but the way it was prepared majorly turned me off. Maybe they can add some strong flavors to the dish to make it stand out.

Cajun spiced cottage cheese picatta

SPICY CORN & CHEESE FRITTERS were crispy and somewhat spicy, and were served with some tangy tomato ketchup. I think the fritters were fine, but maybe they can add a dip or two to make it more satisfying and to provide a variant of taste to otherwise monotonous dish.

Spicy corn & cheese fritters

KIT KAT SHAKE and BANANA CABANA both were really nice and creamy. I’m a huge fan of milkshakes and both the shakes were really yummy and made my brunch much better.

Kit Kat shake

Next time I visit the place, I’m going to try their waffles and burgers, which totally slipped my mind this time.


Ambience is the key player here. Being the first board games themed café and bringing the concept of escape room in Ahmedabad is what makes Unlocked so popular. The décor of the place adds a charm to the overall dining experience. This place is perfect for catching up with friends, allowing you to spend some quality time with them while playing games and digging desserts.

As the café states it –

UNLOCKED is more than a cafe or a game. A culmination of good food, board games, thoughtful interiors, and endless conversations – it is an experience.”

The place has both free and paid board games and a game master to help you learn all those new games. This time, I was short of time and the game master wasn’t available, so we just played boggle. (I won!)


Next time I visit the place, I’d love to experience the Escape Room adventure, and will also learn some of the new board games. (Wait for the update)


This is where they need real improvement. As far as I observed, the place is short of staff, which makes it quite a challenge to provide quality service. I guess they think their board games are enough to keep people busy to compensate for slow service, but no one is going to play those games on empty stomach. If you are visiting the place primarily for games, it won’t disappoint you; but if you are like me, and reach there with growling stomach, you may lose your mind.

If you too have visited this place, share your experience with me.

Also, let me know if you’d like me to try out any other restaurant or café in Ahmedabad.

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