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Masala Canteen Ahmedabad Review: Your new destination to binge on some amazing Indian food

Masala Canteen Ahmedabad Review: Your new destination to binge on some amazing Indian food Posted on November 26, 20171 Comment

Ahmedabad is flooded with cafes and restaurants that come up with new concepts and themes, bringing a fresh perspective to the way we perceive food. In a way, you get more confused amidst all of the choices that you have, especially when you are bored of having the same kind of food and are looking for something fresh and different.

This weekend, I was just scrolling through Zomato and it recommended me a new place – Masala Canteen – and I thought to give it a try.

So, here’s a quick Masala Canteen review to sum up my experience:

Masala Canteen is located in Vastrapur, just beside Ahmedabad One Mall, one of the places in Ahmedabad with maximum footfall. The place mainly serves North Indian cuisines, offering some really delicious dishes to binge on.

Meet Lakhani, the founder of Masala Canteen Ahmedabad, shared his vision, saying “I decided to come up with this venture after realizing that there is a serious dearth of places serving good food, especially Non Vegetarian, in the city. Our motto is serving food that tastes great, above all, with the highest standards in service, quality, and hygiene.”

Masala Canteen Ahmedabad

After going through their menu, what I found most tempting was their TIFFIN KA JADOO section, and I ordered PUNJAB SE – the only vegetarian option available. It included Rajma Masala, Paneer Tikka Masaledar (they serve Paneer Bhurji by default, but we can opt for sabzi of our choice :)) Basmati Chawal, and Roti. It is served in a typical tiffin dabba, along with Dhaba Achar, Papad, and Matka Chaas. The presentation is, without a doubt, super interesting. That feeling of eating from a brass tiffin dabba is so enthralling and gets you in the mood of having some authentic Indian food, right? Both – Rajma Masala and Paneer Tikka Masaledar were super tasty and somewhat spicy, but that’s how it’s supposed to be! I had some really good Rajma Chawal after sooo long, totally coming back for that.

Masala Canteen review

The next thing we ordered was PUDINA MIRCH PANEER ROLL, which was marked as a “Must Try”. It was really different, in a good way, I guess I haven’t had such a preparation of Paneer in a while. It was garnished with some grilled tomatoes and onion, served with some pudina chutney. (how cute is that teeny tiny cooker! <3) It really is a must try, full marks for taste as well as presentation.

Masala Canteen Zomato

I also had KANCHEWALA NIMBU PAANI, which was a yummy and nostalgic lemonade served in a kanchewala bottle!

I would like to mention that along with some lingering flavors, they have got some startling presentation skills, making every dish stand out.

Masala Canteen Ambience

The ambience is a perfect fusion of traditional and modern elements. The brass cutlery gives the place a cultural vibe, but the modern décor kicks it up a notch, balancing it all out.

Coming to the service –  being a new place, I didn’t expect much from their staff. I’ve been to a lot of cafes and restaurants in Ahmedabad, where they either are short of staff or are majorly lacking customer relation skills. But, Masala Canteen was surely an exception. They have some well-trained staff, who knows how to treat their customers and make their experience a memorable one.

Masala Canteen Ahmedabad is one such place that offers you the most satisfying Indian food along with a well-lit décor and really remarkable service, making your dining experience content and complete.


If you too have visited this place, share your experience with me.

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